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Primary A (Age 5)

The Primary A Tap class at InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center is designed specifically for dancers aged 5. This class provides a perfect introduction to tap dance at the primary level. Taught by a highly experienced and respected InSpira teacher, it follows the principles of the Tap N' Learn curriculum. In this 45-minute class, children are introduced to basic tap movements and rhythms, helping them develop a sense of musicality. The class improves the children’s confidence and coordination while developing their social skills. Additionally, the curriculum includes teaching basic dance etiquette, the fundamentals of counting, body awareness, and control. The use of an array of props and lively music ensures the class captures the children’s imagination and makes learning enjoyable. Dancers who complete this level will move on to Primary B Tap.


45 Minutes- 3 Hour per week


45 Minutes- 3 Hour per week

Art Exhibit

EMERGE Training Pathway

Once a week (ONE Primary A Ballet) or (ONE Primary A Tap)


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