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R.I.S.E. Week, which stands for Review, Insight, Skills, and Evaluation, is our dedicated Teacher Observation Week at InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center. This special week is designed to provide a thorough and personalized assessment of each dancer’s abilities and progress. The purpose is to ensure that every student is placed in the most suitable class for their current skill level and future growth.



R.I.S.E. Week is designed to provide a comprehensive review and evaluation of each dancer’s progress throughout the year. This week allows instructors to gain a deeper understanding of each dancer’s strengths, areas for improvement, and overall readiness for advancement. By focusing on Review, Insight, Skills, and Evaluation, we aim to support each dancer’s unique journey and ensure they receive the most appropriate and effective training.


Comprehensive Observation: During R.I.S.E. Week, our instructors take the time to comprehensively observe each dancer in their regular classes. This involves watching their movements, techniques, and interactions in a natural setting. The goal is to see how each dancer applies what they have learned in a typical class environment.
Holistic View: This review process gives instructors a holistic view of the dancer's abilities, including their consistency, focus, and engagement during class.


Detailed Analysis: Instructors provide detailed insights into each dancer’s progress. They analyze the dancer’s strengths, such as their technical proficiency, creativity, and expression, as well as areas that need improvement, like specific techniques or aspects of performance.
Personalized Feedback: These insights are personalized for each dancer, offering constructive feedback that is tailored to their unique journey and development.


Technical Skills Assessment: The assessment covers all facets of dance skills. This includes evaluating the dancer’s technical abilities, such as their precision in movements, timing, and execution of dance steps.
Artistic Expression: Instructors also look at the dancer’s artistic expression, including their ability to convey emotions, tell a story through dance, and connect with the audience.
Personal Development: Beyond technical and artistic skills, the assessment considers the dancer’s personal development. This includes their confidence, resilience, ability to take constructive criticism, and willingness to push their boundaries.


Readiness for Advancement: A key part of R.I.S.E. Week is determining each dancer’s readiness for advancing to the next level. This involves evaluating their overall performance and growth over the past year.
Goal Setting: Instructors provide clear, actionable goals for the dancers to work on. This helps in setting a roadmap for their future development and ensures they have specific objectives to strive for.

How & Where Do You Find Out Your Feedback ?

Ovation & Prestige Members:

Receive a comprehensive S.T.A.R. Report document with detailed comments, including specific improvements, areas to work on, and level recommendations. This report is sent out at the same time every year.

Prestige Members:

In addition to the annual S.T.A.R. Report, Prestige members receive monthly updates in their parent portal that give comments on the dancer's progress, what they know, and what they need to improve on.

Encore Members:

Receive a concise email outlining general comments and level placement for the new year.

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