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Donut Bun Maker - your ultimate solution for effortless hair styling in dance. This innovative foam roller, available in three different sizes (6cm, 8cm, 9cm), is designed to create the perfect bun for all hair types. Achieve the required uniform hair look for ballet class with ease. Made with high-quality foam material, this Magic Donut Shaper ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Available in Black, Beige, and Coffee, it blends seamlessly with any hair color. With its multiple features including Hair Rollers, Bun Maker, Hair Accessories, Women's Fashion, Hair Tools, and Beauty Hair Shaper, this product is a must-have for dancers seeking convenience and impeccable style. Say goodbye to hair struggles and hello to flawless buns with our Dance Bun Maker.

Donut Bun Maker

SKU: 33026968064
PriceFrom $2.75
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