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Nancy Faison

Admin Team Member

Nancy was attracted to InSpira by Leon and Kristine Smith’s commitment to

use InSpira as a vehicle to help build their students' confidence so they understand

the wonderful things they are capable of achieving, not only in dance, but in life.

Nancy is the senior member of the InSpira Administrative Team which

manages the day-to-day interactions with InSpira families, students, and instructors

as well as administrative needs and routines of the business. She has been with

InSpira since 2006.

Nancy is a member of Faith Christian Outreach Center, Plainfield, NJ. She is

the Church Administrator, Secretary of the Executive board, heads the FCOC

College Ministry, and assists in planning ministry events.

Prior to coming to InSpira, Nancy was a Staff Manager at AT&T with experience

in administrative, project management, and human resources planning. She was

also a caregiver for two years for her mother who passed in 2002.

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