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Hip Hop Class



InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center offers a diverse range of Open Classes and Workshops designed to cater to dancers of all levels and ages. Our Open Classes provide a flexible and enriching opportunity to explore different dance styles, improve technique, and enjoy the joy of movement without the commitment of a full-time program or a recital. These sessions are perfect for adults looking for an alternative way to work out, be part of a community, and learn new things while exercising. Workshops are specialized sessions led by experienced instructors and guest artists, focusing on specific skills, styles, or performance techniques. Whether you're a beginner looking to try something new or an experienced dancer seeking to refine your craft, our Open Classes and Workshops provide an inclusive and inspiring environment to learn, grow, and connect with the vibrant InSpira community



Workshop Schedule Coming Soon

For more information and updates on when workshops are open for registration sign up for the InSpira Connect Newsletter Below to stay in the know.

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