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Tiny Tots Tap


2.5 Year Old


September- June

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About the Class

Welcome to the enchanting world of tap dance in our Tiny Tots class! Led by our highly experienced and respected InSpira teacher, this class provides the perfect introduction to movement, musicality, and the fundamentals of tap. Designed for young dancers aged 2.5 years old (who are potty trained), this class aims to enhance their confidence, coordination, and social skills through a series of engaging activities and interactive props. Through the use of lively music and imaginative play, dancers will explore basic dance etiquette, develop a sense of rhythm, and gain body awareness. Our skilled teacher will guide them through the principles of the Tap N' Learn curriculum, ensuring a solid foundation in tap dance technique. Join us for a joyous and stimulating dance experience that will spark your child's creativity and love for dance.

Students must be the age of section by September 1, 2022.
Ex: If your dancer is 2.5 on 09/01/22 then you will be a 2.5 year old level class for the duration of the class.

Tiny Tots Tap

Class Schedule 

Tiny Tots Tap
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
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