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Jazz is a style of dance that incorporates elements of ballet and modern dance. It is known for its fluid, improvisational movements and its emphasis on musicality and rhythm. Jazz classes often include warm-up exercises, stretches, and choreographed routines set to jazz music. The style can range from upbeat and energetic to smooth and sultry, making it a versatile form of dance that can be enjoyed by dancers of all levels.

IPACC Jazz Program Overview:

At InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center, our Jazz program is designed to guide dancers from their first steps to mastering dynamic and expressive movements. Jazz dance emphasizes energy, rhythm, and style, often performed to a wide range of music genres, including jazz, pop, and contemporary. Our structured curriculum ensures that students develop a strong technical foundation, musicality, and individual expression. Jazz classes focus on a combination of warm-up exercises, technique drills, and choreographed routines. This comprehensive approach helps students progress through levels that build on each other, preparing them for higher levels of dance and performance.


Our Tap program is structured into progressive levels, each designed to build upon the skills and techniques learned in the previous level. This ensures that students develop a strong technical foundation while advancing their rhythm, musicality, and performance abilities. The levels are:


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