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Dance Faculty Member

235 Halsey Street, Newark, NJ, USA

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

We are seeking an enthusiastic and dedicated Dance Faculty Member to join our vibrant dance studio. The ideal candidate will inspire and mentor students, fostering a love for dance while cultivating an inclusive learning environment. This role involves working closely with students, maintaining the studio, and contributing to the overall positive atmosphere of our dance community and company vision.


Teaching and Mentoring:
  • Develop and conduct engaging dance classes for students of various ages and skill levels.

  • Provide personalized attention to nurture creativity and boost confidence in aspiring dancers.

  • Foster a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages learning and growth.

  • Studio Maintenance:

    • Assist in maintaining a clean and organized studio space conducive to learning and creativity.

    • Collaborate with the team to ensure the studio is well-maintained and presentable.

  • Embrace Studio Mission:

    • Fully embrace and actively promote the InSpira’s mission, CORE values, and teaching methodologies.

    • Contribute positively to the overall atmosphere and community spirit of the studio.

Continuous Learning and Preparation:
  • Engage in ongoing professional development to learn new teaching methods and ideas.

  • Prepare class materials, adapt to different learning styles, and implement the studio's curriculum effectively.

  • Administrative, Engagement and Support:

    • Use of Dance Software for student attendance 

    • Support students in their dance journey, celebrating their achievements and fostering a positive learning experience.

    • Collaborate with fellow faculty members, attend staff meetings, and contribute to the studio's collective growth.

    • Lightly Cleaning of studio room and reporting areas in need of repair or replacement to the Owner.

    • Report All injuries, incidents, accidents, and concerns regarding classes, community performances, and recitals to the Owner.

  • Event Support:

    • Assist in backstage activities during performances and events, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for students and families.


  • BFA or BA in Dance is Preferred but not required

  • At least 3 years of Teaching experience

  • Passion for dance and teaching, particularly with children and youth.

  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

  • Willingness to learn and implement new teaching methodologies.

  • Strong communication skills and the ability to adapt to different learning styles.

  • Commitment to follow and adapt studio curriculum to meet student needs.

  • Proactive, self-motivated, and a team player.

  • Prior teaching experience in dance or related field is preferred.

This role is not suitable for candidates who:

  • Seek short-term positions and are not committed to long-term impact.

  • Prefer to work only with advanced or competition-level dancers.

  • Dislike following a set curriculum for classes.

  • Struggle with time management for prep, meetings, and training beyond class hours.

  • Join our team and make a difference in the lives of aspiring dancers while contributing to a vibrant dance community!

About the Company

Established in May 2002, InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center emerged as the visionary endeavor of CEO/Co-Founder Ms. Kristine Smith. Inspired by a profound commitment to enriching lives, especially among children and within the community, InSpira's essence is embodied in its very DNA through its CORE Values.

At InSpira, we believe in the transformative power of Dance Education. It is the heart of our purpose and the foundation upon which we build dreams. Guided by our unwavering dedication, we have curated an extraordinary team of world-class faculty members. These exceptional individuals stand as pillars of inspiration, consistently exceeding expectations to ensure that every engagement with InSpira is an experience to be cherished.

Our journey is one of nurturing, empowerment, and artistry. Dance is more than movement; it is a language that resonates with the soul, creating connections that transcend the boundaries of time and space. Within our walls, we cultivate an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and the forging of meaningful relationships.

Join us in our continued pursuit of excellence as we make an indelible impact on the world through the realm of art, education, and cultural enrichment. Your presence could play a vital role in shaping the future that InSpira envisions.

Application Requirements

Online Application Process for Dance Faculty Position at InSpira

Thank you for your interest in the Dance Faculty position at InSpira. Please follow these steps to submit your application:

Step 1: Application Form

  • Complete the Application Form: Begin your application by clicking the apply button. Fill out all the required fields in the form to provide your basic information and qualifications.

Step 2: Resume/CV

  • Upload Your Resume/CV: After completing the application form, attach your resume or CV. This should detail your relevant dance and teaching experience, skills, and qualifications.

Step 3: Video/Audio Submission

  • Prepare Your Video/Audio Submission: Lastly, provide a video or audio recording explaining:

    • Your passion for dance and teaching.

    • Why you are interested in joining InSpira and how your experience aligns with our mission and values.

Note: The Video/Audio submission is a unique and essential part of our application process, showcasing your enthusiasm and suitability for the Dance Faculty role. Ensure that each part of your application reflects your ability to meet the responsibilities and qualifications of the position.

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