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Our Full Year Program is a comprehensive dance curriculum designed to run throughout the school year. It offers a structured and progressive approach to dance education, providing students with consistent training that builds technique, artistry, and performance skills. The program is tailored through our Training Pathways, allowing students and families to choose their level of commitment. Depending on the chosen pathway—EMERGE, ENHANCE, or ELITE—students will experience varying levels of rigor and class schedules.

How It Works:

The Full Year Program at InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center is a full dance season that starts at the beginning of January and runs until mid-June. This program is designed to offer consistent and progressive training, helping dancers to develop their skills over a structured period. To help new parents and students understand how the program works, we’ve organized the information into several key sections. This way, you can easily navigate and grasp the structure and offerings of our program.



Little InSpirations (Ages 2.5-6)

Our Little InSpirations program is designed for our youngest dancers, focusing on the basics of dance and instilling a love for movement. Classes are fun and engaging, emphasizing creative expression and foundational skills in a supportive environment.

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The InSpira EXPierence
(Ages 7-18)

The InSpira EXPierence is tailored for school-aged children and teenagers. This division offers a more structured and rigorous training schedule, helping students enhance their skills, technique, and artistry. It's perfect for those looking to deepen their dance education and performance capabilities.



(By Audition/Invitation Only
Ages 5-18):

Our Academy division is for the most advanced dancers seeking pre-professional training. Admission is by audition or invitation only. This division can start as early as our Primary Level for dancers ages 5 & 6 and extends up to 18 years old, with multiple Academy groups to cater to different age ranges and skill levels. Academy dancers participate in competitions, conventions, summer intensives, year-round learning, leadership, and community service. This division focuses on high-level technique, performance opportunities, and preparing dancers for potential future careers in dance.

1. Divisions:

Our Full Year Program is divided into several key divisions to cater to different age groups and skill levels:

2. Training Pathways:

Students and families can select from three distinct pathways based on their desired level of commitment and intensity:

EMERGE Pathway

Recreational Training Pathway

Designed for beginners or those seeking a lower commitment, this pathway typically involves 1-2 classes per week in one or two disciplines. It focuses on exploring dance and enjoying movement in a stress-free environment.


Developmental Training Pathway

Ideal for dancers looking to grow in both technique and performance, this pathway involves a more rigorous schedule with classes in 2-3 disciplines, taking classes 2-4 times a week. It encourages creativity and a deeper understanding of dance.

ELITE Pathway:

Pre-Professional Training Pathway

Offers high-level, pre-professional training for those deeply committed to dance. This pathway involves 4-6 different styles of dance, with classes 4-6 times a week or more. It balances technical skill with artistic expression, community service, leadership, and personal growth.

3. The Disciplines We Offer:

We offer a diverse range of dance disciplines, including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Modern, and African Dance, ensuring a comprehensive dance education.



At InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center, we believe in personalized and thoughtful student placement. Instead of traditional grading, we use Teacher Observation Week to assess and place our dancers. This dedicated week allows our experienced instructors to closely observe and evaluate each student's progress and potential.


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