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June 16th InSpira Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Order – Friday, June 16th
InSpira Performing Arts 

The studio opens at 5:30 PM. Rehearsal begins at 6:00 PM.

Ms. Morgan's Classes 6:00-6:10

4:30 pm Ballet

5:35 pm Jazz

Mr. Jerryl’s Classes 6:10-6:25

9:30 am Hop Hop

10:35 am Hip Hop

11:10 Hip Hip


Ms. Kris’ Classes 6:25-7:30

Saturday 9 am Ballet and Tuesday 6 pm Ballet (This includes my two dancers from Highland Park)

Saturday 9:30 Tap and Tuesday 6pm Tap (This includes my two dancers from Highland Park)

Saturday 10:00 am Ballet

Saturday 10:35 am Tap

Saturday 11:10 am 4-year-old ballet

Saturday 11:45 am 4-year-old tap

Saturday 12:20 pm 5-year old Ballet

Saturday 12:55 pm 5-year-old Tap

Saturday 1:30 pm - 5/6 year old Jazz

Tuesday 5pm Ballet

Tuesday 5:30 pm Tap

Tuesday 6:30 pm Ballet

Tuesday 7:00 pm Jazz

Tuesday 7:30 pm Tap

Father-Daughter Dance 7:30-7:35

Ms. Peggy 7:35-7:45

Wednesday 4:30 pm Ballet

Wednesday 5:00 pm Ballet


Ms. Annabelle 7:45-7:50

Thursday 5:00 pm Ballet


Ms. Karen Callaway Williams 7:50-8:05

Wednesday 4:30 pm Tap

Wednesday 5:30 pm Tap

Graduating Seniors Tap Piece


Ms. Karen Miles 8:05-8:10

Monday 6:00 pm African Dance


Mr. Johsian 8:10-8:30

Tuesday 5:00 pm 7-10-year-old Hip Hop

Tuesday 6:00 pm 10-12-year-old Hip Hop

Tuesday 7:00 pm 13+ Hip Hop

Tuesday 8:00 pm Contemporary

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