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African Dance is a genre of dance that is often characterized by its energetic and rhythmic movements, often accompanied by live drumming. Students will learn traditional African dance steps and techniques, as well as explore the cultural significance and history of the dance. Classes typically include a warm-up, followed by instruction in specific dance routines, and conclude with a cool down.

IPACC TapProgram Overview:

At InSpira Performing Arts & Cultural Center, our Tap program is designed to take dancers from their first steps to mastering intricate rhythms and techniques. Tap dance focuses on rhythm and sound, using special shoes with metal plates that create a tapping sound when they hit the floor. Our structured curriculum emphasizes a strong technical foundation, musicality, and individual expression. Tap dance can be performed to various music genres, including jazz, swing, and pop, often characterized by syncopated rhythms and improvisation. Tap classes include warm-up exercises, drills to improve technique, and choreographed routines, ensuring students progress through levels that build on each other, preparing them for higher levels of dance.


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